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About Antonio Rivera, Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist in Newberg, OR

Antonio Rivera, Psychologist

Behavior change is difficult, even when you know the rewards that will follow. Antonio is a licensed psychologist who has been providing psychological assessments and evidence-based treatment for children, teens, and adults, while also providing treatment for anxiety and mood conditions. Do you or a loved one has difficulty at school, work, or with relationships? Are you concerned about your child's social development? Are you wondering if your child has ADHD or a learning disability? Are you concerned about changes with your parent's memory or behavior? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then he can help.

Antonio have an experience of over fifteen years in psychological assessment, mental health and crisis intervention, which includes providing culturally competent services. He can assure you that with my educational background as well as related substantial experience, he can undeniably make a unique and meaningful contribution to your wellbeing. Antonio understands the professional approach and expertise required to promote behavioral change, and he can confidently state that you will benefit well from our services.