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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision services offered in Newberg and Beaverton, OR

Everyone who wants to become a licensed therapist must complete a certain number of hours under clinical supervision. Nadège Petrie, LPC, LMHC, and the experienced therapists at Hopeful Minds Counseling Services in Newberg, Oregon, offer excellent clinical supervision for clinical social work associates (CSWAs), licensed professional counselor (LPC) interns, licensed professional counselor associates (LPCAs), and counseling professionals at all stages of their careers. They welcome all applicants, but also specialize in supervising BIPOC therapists. Call the office or use online booking to schedule an appointment for clinical supervision.

Clinical supervision builds trust between the supervisor and the supervisee, allowing for a collaborative relationship in which the patient's care is jointly monitored. 
We use the following approaches and techniques: 

* Multicultural supervision               * Democratic supervision
* Co-Created Relationship                * Mentorship
* Goal-Oriented Approach               * Theoretical Foundations
* Identity Development                     * Client-Centered Approach

Clinical supervision for CSWAs, LPC interns, Associates, or counseling professionals at all stages of careers is available. 

Individual Supervision or Consultation: $100 - $200
Group:  $75 

Clinical Supervision Q&A

What is clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision is a professional relationship between an individual entering the mental health field and a supervisor with experience in counseling. This relationship supports a new mental health professional as they transition from educational training to seeing patients in the clinic.

The clinical supervision provided by Hopeful Minds Counseling Services allows the individual to begin working with patients, while their professional supervisor ensures they take care of patients appropriately and follow all ethical guidelines.

Everyone who wants to be a licensed therapist must complete a minimum number of hours under clinical supervision, getting invaluable insight from an experienced professional who helps them hone their counseling skills.

What roles does a clinical supervisor fill?

The Hopeful Minds Counseling Services supervisors are passionate about fostering cultural competence, trauma-informed therapy, and providing exceptional care for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. To that end, they encourage BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ candidates to consider clinical supervision at Hopeful Minds.

Your clinical supervisor fills several roles, serving as your:


Your supervisor teaches therapeutic techniques and skills, identifies your strengths, and also gently draws attention to areas needing improvement.


The consultant role refers to setting goals for your time as a supervisee and monitoring and assessing your performance.


Like all coaches, your supervisor boosts your morale and confidence, cheers you on, and helps you prevent burnout.

Mentor and role model

One of the best ways to foster your growth as a therapist is to be an exceptional role model and mentor. The experienced, skilled, and compassionate Hopeful Minds Counseling Services supervisors make excellent role models.

What should I expect during clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision involves meeting with your supervisor to discuss cases and treatment strategies and learn how to manage your own stress and emotions as you support the patient's needs.

The Hopeful Minds Counseling Services supervisors establish a collaborative relationship in which the patient’s care is jointly monitored.

They use the following approaches and techniques:

  • Multicultural supervision
  • Co-created relationship
  • Goal-oriented approach
  • Identity development
  • Democratic supervision
  • Theoretical foundations
  • Client-centered approach

Your supervisor offers high-quality feedback that helps transform your training into patient interventions that dramatically improve lives.

Call Hopeful Minds Counseling Services or connect online if you’re interested in their clinical supervision program.