She’s great. Was very attentive and helpful.
Dan A. | Nov 28, 2023

Working with Nadège has helped me figure out so much of what gives me anxiety and depression. She has given me emotional support, undivided attention, and many tools to help me cope when struggles come up in my everyday life. I now know better ways to cope when I have emotional triggers and Nadege has given me much-needed guidance and care when I felt hopeless. I always look forward to my meetings with her. Nadege has helped me feel seen and heard and has always supported my thoughts. I have never felt ashamed talking to her about my feelings and she helps validate what I have been through in the past and how it has affected me today. Her knowledge of psychology, trauma, family dynamics, social pressure, etc. has really helped me see myself in perspective and helps me feel looked after, and helps me process what I’m feeling. I have healed so much with her help and I will continue to work with her!
KC F. | Nov 17, 2023

I became Nadege’s client about two years ago. I was very young, struggling with an intense mood disorder and had no idea how to cope with myself. I had many outbursts and my mood switched on a dime. My relationships were very unstable, it was a huge stressing factor in my life. Right away I could tell how much Nadege cared. She has consistently been on time, communicative and honest- even on how she is feeling that day herself. She is able to pick anecdotes from her own life to explain thought processes to me and has never failed to help me problem solve any issue I bring up. I do not get brushed off, or told I’m bad or awful when I make very questionable decisions. Talking with her is very humanizing, and she is not afraid to tell me where my own faults may lie, but how to handle them strategically. We have both seen great improvement in my understanding of myself and my behavior, and in correlation, my ability to handle the stressful/intense/anxious situations I may not have been able to handle 2 years ago. Anyone specifically seeking DBT, I would highly recommend her for. Though she is a well rounded therapist overall, and I think she would be helpful to and well received by many types of people. Forever thankful I found her!
Asia G. | Nov 17, 2023

Nadege is one of the most patient yet direct therapists ever! I love how she encourages you to feel your feelings, and creates a safe space where you feel you can be vulnerable. I am still on my journey of feeling whole, but I have come so far thanks to Nadege.
Kara C. | Nov 17, 2023

By 16, I swore I’d never go see a therapist again. By my mid-twenties, I realized that I didn’t want life to get the best of me- so I began to search, again, for therapeutic support. Nadege was not the first therapist I worked with, but she was the first therapist who I truly wanted to work with. Her unbiased, emotionally aware, authentic, kind, and well-informed approach to therapy creates a welcoming space for all clients. If I had worked with Nadege as a teen, I probably wouldn’t have sworn off of therapy. And I’m glad I gave it another chance.
Paige J. | Nov 17, 2023

“I had an exceptional experience at this medical facility. The staff was not only highly professional but also extremely caring and attentive. I was impressed by the clear communication and the personalized approach. Overall, this medical facility sets a gold standard for patient care, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking quality medical services.”
Sandeep K. | Nov 06, 2023

I felt heard and am excited about what we have planned in the future.
Domonique D. | Oct 03, 2023

I have so much I want to say about Nadege and Hopeful Minds Counseling. When I was at my darkest, she was there with patience, respect, empathy, support for myself and my family. When I derailed and lost all faith, belief, and strength in myself she was there with words of encouragement, holding me accountable, and pushed me to use the tools she and others had given to me. She has taught me that healing is in the uncomfortable, its in the valley’s, its in the peaks, and its in the plateaus. Nadege is honest, thoughtful in her words, and walks alongside you through your highest highs and lowest lows. If you are looking for a deeply compassionate therapist to help you through whatever life is throwing your way, someone to hold you accountable, someone to validate you, someone to help you understand what is and is not within your control, Nadege is exactly who you need.
Kaitlyn B. | Sep 28, 2023

Truly wants to help clients succeed and takes her time to be patient with us through our struggles.
Kianna D. | Sep 28, 2023