Psychological Evaluation Fees

Flat Fee Structure:

Range: $500 – $3,000

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Types of Testing Offered

  • Autism Spectrums Testing
  • Attentions Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Cognitive and Academic Test
  • Assessments for Learning Disabilities
  • Intelligence Questionnaire
  • Academic performances


  • Diagnostic interview(s) with the client
  • Interviews with collateral informants (if relevant)
  • Review of records
  • Test administration sessions
  • Scoring and interpretation of tests
  • Report writing
  • Written evaluation report
  • 60-minute feedback session

Payment Terms:

  1. Initial Payment: At least 50% of the flat fee is due at the first testing session.
  2. Remaining Payment: The balance is due upon completion of testing (i.e., at the feedback session).

Superbill for Insurance:

A superbill is provided with a breakdown of each test for insurance submission.

Re-Evaluations and Check-Ins:

Available at an hourly rate

Good Faith Estimate:

Provided in compliance with the Federal “No Surprises Act”

Ensures transparency before you decide to proceed with testing

For a transparent and comprehensive pricing structure, my services are designed to cover all necessary components of a psychological evaluation, providing clarity and avoiding unexpected costs. If you have specific needs or a focused referral question, we can discuss whether a mini-evaluation is appropriate for your situation.